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Our Office

This is where we manage all development of the company. All tickets, phone calls and technical back-end is processed through this office, to allow us to offer the best support possible for our clients.
In addition to our office staff, we have amazing worldwide technical support teams spanning the whole globe ensuring that our legendary support stays one of the industry leading. Working in shift-patterns, we've tailored our teams in such a way that we are one of the very few companies to truly offer a complete 24/7 support system. Whether this be through Livechat, Support Tickets or even telephone! We're always here to help with any issues that might arise.

Contact Us

Phone: (+1) 866-519-0132

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5pm EST
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Support: Online 24/7

About Pyro Game Servers

Formed in 2013 under another trading name, the company was brought together by a group of enthusiastic and avid gamers; driven by the aim to give back to the community that we had grown to love these two set out to create a hosting company that believed in fair and honest values, setting aside the tainted reputation that has been attributed to many server hosting providers.

Over the period of 2013-2014 the company expanded greatly, allowing the staff-force to expand greatly and new and exciting projects to be announced. In February 2013 we decided that a separate company should be set up in order to meet the ever growing times, setting up Pyro Game Servers - PGS was formed so that the company could offer the community more great value products such as Game Server Hosting, Web Hosting and Voice Servers

The company is going through some fantastic changes, and we have had the honour to have met and done business with some amazing people. One of the main goals with Pyro Game Servers is that we do not want to be seen as a regular Server provider, we strive to build personal relationships with our customers. The staff working at Pyro Game Servers all are avid gamers and are part of this amazing community - Pyro Game Servers is built by gamers, for gamers.