Setting Up A Game Server

Minecraft is a open world game where players are able to design and create their own realities, Minecraft allows it's players to capture their imagination with no restrictions; build epic buildings, Colosseums and even whole cities. Minecraft truly is one of it's kind, whether you are looking to team up to battle ferocious opponents or build the utopia of your dreams then Minecraft is the game for you! But you don't have to go it alone, with a Minecraft Server you will be able to play online with your friends and community, opening up a whole new door to the endless possibilities that this unique game brings. So you ask? Why buy a server? - Well the answer is simple, because if you buy a server with Pyro Game Servers you can rest assure that your server will be running 24/7 with no interruptions to your fun! We also have an amazing dedicated technical support team working around the clock to help you with any issues that you come across, both in-game and server-end, whether you need help configuring an add-on, are not sure what certain things do or how to get the most out of your server; Pyro Game Servers has you covered!

Don't worry! - We have a team of highly trained staff waiting 24/7 to help you with your issues. You can contact us through a number of ways; the primary being through support requests by clicking HERE.

We have staff working tirelessly around the clock, every day of the week to make sure you get a reply to your request within the first 30 minutes!

Your server will be activated instantly after payment is received! Our system will provision and configure your server within seconds and automatically send you an email containing all of your login information to you! The email will be entitled "Your Server is Ready!" - If you don't see it within 5 minutes, check your junk/spam! Sometimes emails get sent there depending on your email provider. If it's still not there, contact support and we'll sort it out!

We have servers all around the world! We have a global fleet of servers to make sure that no matter where you are based, you will get the absolute best connection to your server! We have collectively networked our servers together into two current geographic locations; North America, consisting of 4 current locations. And Europe; consisting of 2 locations. We hope to expand this greatly in the future.

That's easy! You don't! When you buy a server here with Pyro Game Servers, you don't need to set up anything! We take care of absolutely everything about getting your server up and running. You needn't worry about the technical side of things, let us worry about that! All you need to do is sit back, and enjoy!

Well that completely depends on what you are looking to run on the server. As a general rule of thumb you're looking at around ~20players/GB RAM - However this is skewed by plugins and modpacks that you add onto the server. More than 1GB RAM is ideal for new, small scale servers for only a few friends, 1-2GB is ideal for normal servers, and for any running a modpack such as FTB, ATL, Tekkit etc. >3GB is for good sized servers, where you want to open it up to a community of people to join.

Modpacks are addons to the actual game itself, kind of like you get with expansion packs to games. Bringing a whole new experience to the game like new worlds, new tools and even completely new interfaces!

You can do it straight through our control panel! Once you purchase your server, you will get the login information for the control panel. Once logged in, you will see a dropdown box called "JAR File", simply click that, select a pack, scroll down and hit Save, then reboot the server! And you will have a modpack installed! - If you need a custom pack, just contact support!

When you order your server you will get an email containing all of the login information on, also on that email you will be given your server IP address! So all you need to do from there is open up your Minecraft launcher, hit Multiplayer and then add the IP straight into there, connect and bam! It's as simple as that :)

Don't panic! Firstly, check your junk/spam. Most often than not it's gone and founds its way to there. If it's not there, then double check that your payment has been made, sometimes orders made with eChecks can take a few days to clear and you won't get the details of the server until it's all cleared. If the payment has cleared and you have checked your junk/spam - Contact support, we may have to double check everything for you!

Plugins are again, like addons to the game! Plugins link directly into the game to bring new content and additions to it. Unlink modpacks, plugins don't change the actual mechanics of the game, they instead allow players to directly customize their own server to their own liking! You can install plugins in one-click through our control panel by going to Files > Bukkit Plugins!

Easy! What you'll need to do is log in to the control panel with the information that we emailed to you on the "Your Server is Ready!" email, once in there head on over to Files > Bukkit Plugins - From there you'll be able to search, find and install plugins easily! Make sure that your server is not set to Vanilla or Default though before adding plugins! As plugins will not work on those modpacks, instead change it to either Craftbukkit or Spigot to run them on normal Minecraft!

You sure can! We do have a built-in file transfer system on the control panel, but that will not work for larger files like worlds. Instead you will need to upload them using a program called Filezilla - But don't worry! It's really easy and simple to use, just follow this more in-depth guide on how to use it!

CS:GO, or Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online first-person tactical shooter game where players play on one of two teams; Terrorist, or Counter-terrorist - In a variaty of strategic gamemodes including situations such as Bomb defusing, Hostage Rescue, Demolition and regular Deathmatch!

We sure do! We offer all of the popular plugins such as Sourcemod, Metamod, ESL, CS:DM and many many more! Custom plugins can also be installed free of charge! Just contact our support desk and we will be more than happy to help you out!

We do not no! Plugins are completely 100% free! And they always will be. If a plugin that you want installing is not on our one-click installer, let us know and we'll install it manually for you or add it to the installer!

Just let us know by opening a support request! We'll be more than happy to install it manually for you or add it to our installer is we have demand for it! :)

Once you have paid the invoice, your server will be automatically provisioned - This takes minutes and you will instantly get an email with your login information on it, when you get this you will just need to use the IP provided to connect in-game. If you've set a password you will need to enter it after you've put the IP address in. This will also be in your welcome email!

You sure can! All you need to do is upload it to your FTP using either Filezilla or our in-built FTP client, but don't worry we have guides on how to FTP HERE - Once in, just drag and drop your world in and make sure you replace any existing world (make sure the server is offline for this) - Any issues with this, please let us know!

Terraria is an indie sandbox adventure game where players can take control of a character and explore the 2D world that is Terraria! Dig, mine, build and explore with this amazing and unique game which is only limited to the players imagination. With over 2,000,000 copies sold worldwide, Terraria is one of the most popular sandbox games on the market today!

A voice server, or VoIP server is an application where users can join together in "lobbies" and chat together using speakers and microphones, aimed mainly towards the gaming industry voice servers allow users quick and easy communication amongst friends and team-mates.

We currently offer Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrillo. As these three are the most popular throughout the Gaming industry!

A Dedicated Server is different than a regular Game Server, as it is tailored more towards customers that are looking for raw power and might. Dedicated Servers are 100% used by you and you only, you will have full access to the SSH and FTP with root details (basically you will have superuser/admin access to EVERYTHING on the server) - As all of the memory, CPU and hard drive space will only used by you, dedicated servers allow you to get more performance out of the equipment as it is not shared by other users.

Our webhosting package is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! It's empty space ready for you to upload your own website to! If you want to start your own community forums, share some pictures or build your own site, our webhosting plans will have you covered!

You sure can, we do not tie you into any contract and you are free to cancel your plan at any time that you want - You can cancel the server from directly in your billing panel.

You certainly can, we have a built-in upgrade/downgrade utility that allows you to peform upgrades and downgrades at ease! Once you have issued an upgrade request, you will be pro-rated the amount of the upgrade (for example if your server is $10 a month and you want to upgrade to $20 a month, that's a $10 difference between the two plans, say that we're halfway through your billing cycle - You will only need to pay ~$5 to upgrade up to the new plan)

It definitely is, we use a tiered system of security measures to ensure that our servers, and your data are completely secure. Firstly we use trusted datacenters that are fully secured to host our mission-critical nodes on, protected behind both datacenter provided firewalls and our own customised hardware firewalls that stop all connections to other than those from our own offices and trusted sites, we then have a layer of custom software layer firewalls that encrypt and encode all of the data of the drives so that only our system is able to decrypt them to read.

It sure is! Just like our website and critical system protection, all of our servers are protected behind a 3-tier firewall system that stops all network attacks, DDoS/DoS attacks and intrusion-based attacks. Since we implemented our system, we have maintained 0% downtime as a result of such attacks across every single on our our nodes, worldwide.

Yes! You can set something called a "Whitelist" on your server, that basically only allows people who are actually written on this list are able to join, NO-ONE else is able to join the server and it will be completely protected against all other players to connect to your server.

You can install plugins onto the server that will be able to stop players from being able to swear or say certain words such as ALL CAPS SPAM or anything you'd like. We have a plugin installer directly in the control panel where you can install plugins like this in as little as one-click. When you are in the search area, simply search for "Swear Blocker" or "Swear" to see what results come back, from there you will be able to find a plugin that will suit your needs!

You sure can! There's thousands and thousands of plugins available and there's loads of ones to regulate and to apply parental controls onto a server to make sure you know what's going on on your server, who everyone is talking to, and to make sure everyone is safe.

We do backup all of our systems, however player data is not regularly backed up offsite due to the sheer size of player worlds - HOWEVER, you can set up Backups to run on your server automatically by setting it on the control panel!