Terraria Server Hosting

Terraria Server Hosting

Terraria Hosting from just $7.99 p/m

Unleash your creative center in the amazing world of Terraria; whether you're wanting to explore underground caverns for loot, or simply fight hordes of slimes! Terraria packs together an amazing creative / action combo in a beautiful way. Terraria boasts a very unique 2D user interface that many people may dismiss, but trust me; it's something you will fall in love with. After spending months and months designing our Terraria packages with the help of many YouTube personalities and avid gamers, we've managed to take your advice on board and build a truly amazing game experience. Terraria is a game that you will easily fall in love with, and with our Hosting plans, you can enjoy it with your friends, in style.

$7.99 per 6 slots p/m

Why choose Pyro Game Servers?

Customer Support

Pyro Game Servers prides itself on having arguably the best customer support team for Terraria Server Hosting. No one wants to wait hours and even days to hear back on a support request for a simple issue, that's why we've designed and tailored a complete support structure for our company that ensures that our worldwide staff force are available 24/7 365 days a year to assist with any issues you're having with your Terraria Server, and that's why we answer 90% of tickets within the first hour.

Complete DDoS / DoS Protection

Being in the Terraria Hosting business for as long as we have, we know the challenges and difficulties that come with it, and network attacks such as DDoS/DoS attacks have built up their reputation. That's why we've taken a hard approach to our network security - Operating a 3-tier mitigation system, every single one of our Terraria Servers are completely and comprehensively protected against any and all network attacks.

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$7.99 per 6 slots p/m

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